Unethical behaviour

It usually starts subtly. Using bait and switch or false advertising tactics to lure customers in or convince them to buy a product. If a company decides to overlook such theft on the basis of maintaining employee morale by not firing a popular employee, other employees will also steal so they can feel they are getting the same deal as their co-worker.

More likely, it's someone who lied to a supervisor or handed in a false expense report. Or you might have an employee handbook you can look at for advice. Harassment, sexism, theft and verbal abuse were the most common unethical behaviours.

Se alle ledige jobber More than 70 percent of managers think that the most common example of unethical behavior is when employees lie to cover up a mistake they've done, or take shortcuts in work tasks.

Secondly, you need to know that the person is doing it. The use of undue pressure or influence was the second most commonly cited issue 74 per centwhile others in the top six included unethical human resources practice, bullying and harassment, and the misrepresentation or manipulation of information.

But there are other times when the unethical behavior might be widely accepted, or you are encouraged to look away.

list of unethical behavior in the workplace

On the production line of a pharmaceutical company, for example, a hurried lab assistant forgets to remove all of her makeup. Searching for another job or doing freelance work online while at a job is unethical behavior.

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Unethical behaviour encountered by 94% of accountants