Total cost of illness analysis

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The sum of total direct cost and indirect cost was INR First, we provided a general description of the COI method. Here, a vector of X represents attributes and observed individual characteristics.

Cost of illness COIknown as burden of disease BODis a definition that encompasses various aspects of the disease impact on the health outcomes in a country, specific regions, communities, and even individuals. Within the econometric approach, there are two major methods of estimating costs: a mean differences approach and a multiple-stage regression approach.

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So the human capital method HCM is designed to estimate the value of human capital as the present value of his or her future earnings under the assumption that we use future earnings as a proxy for future productivity, while in many cases the future earnings do not accurately reflect future production, though.

First, we described the key points of cost study methodology. These two measures take into account the burden of both fatal and non-fatal disease states.

OA patients of age greater than 40 years, either gender who stayed in hospital and out-patients were included in the study.

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Cost of Illness