Tomosynthesis reconstruction

tomosynthesis vs tomography

It is known from CT that iterative reconstruction IR with properly designed regularizer can significantly reduce noise. First, in order to assess the benefits of the new algorithm in terms of image quality and lesion depiction, we perform a visual grading analysis VGA study 26 with human readers.

tomosynthesis diagnostic mammography

In mammograms, a small calcification may indicate the presence of cancer, either in situ or invasive, thus detection is important The image quality of digital breast tomosynthesis DBT volumes depends greatly on the reconstruction algorithm.

Because the image processing is digital, a series of slices at different depths and with different thicknesses can be reconstructed from the same acquisition.

tomosynthesis vs ultrasound

Page Nov For this reason, it likely will not be able to replace CT for the evaluation of the deeper organs of the body. History[ edit ] The concept of tomosynthesis was derived from the work of Ziedses des Plantes, who developed methods of reconstructing an arbitrary number of planes from a set of projections.

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Radiographic Tomosynthesis: Reconstruction Algorithms on Vimeo