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Toronto: Pearsons Canada, HRIS package systems can hold many constituents to it ; nevertheless. The disadvantage of these sources is the information in all sources can be changed, so it demands to be upgraded often.

The HRIS thus contains tools.

human resource management thesis

Nowadays the problem that occurred in HRIS is that if the company is large, it is always a probability of wrong or misunderstood input of information, the probability of system failure and impossibility to renew the database.

HRIS offers a number of solutions to companies that adopt it. The newer system is the more often managers should update it and see the corrections in the whole database. The main advantage is that the basic data is available any time, it is grouped and occupies a large part of vital information about the person, is easily tracked.

The HRIS tool, when used as seen in the Money ball case, aids the management in making some of the strategic decisions.

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Determining HRIS Needs Essay