The secret life of walter mitty symbolism in the short story

Man, Man vs. Though again it must be remembered that Walter lives in a fantasy world; a world that is not real.

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Society, Man vs. Something that his wife does not due and hence Walt escaping into different fantasies. Rip sleeps away the time in order to avoid the wear and tear of prolonged and ineffectual confrontation. He can hit a target three hundred feet away with his left hand, fix sophisticated machinery with a common fountain pen, and walk bravely into battle in his fantasy worlds. He is the hero in all of them. Some critics might suggest that Walter is a dissatisfied man and this is something which is difficult to dispute. Why or why not? None of the mini-narratives have decisive conclusions: each of the dream sequences, like the entire story, is an abbreviated short story with no clear beginning or end. The Sitting Bee, 30 Jul.

Through his use of humor and wit, Thurber was able to explore the conflicts and neurotic tensions of modern life. Then there is the real-life engagement with the parking lot attendant that also undermines his masculinity. Unfortunately Walter does not think like this and considers this train of thought to be boring.

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The Overshoes symbol Mrs. Lindner asserts in an essay in The Georgia Review that the forces that induce Mitty to daydream include the development of urban, industrial society.

Thurber married twice.

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In the s, Thurber began losing his vision. This kind of situation allows the ultimate in symbolic action in which the questions of self can be answered and personal values defined.

He has trouble remembering the errands he is supposed to run.

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Short Story Analysis: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty by James Thurber