The restricted view of urbanization through

Global urbanization

Half these people were children. The gathering of economic and human resources in one place stimulates innovation and development in business, science, technology and industry. First, these leaders work alongside each other to influence urban growth and decline, determining where money flows and how land use is regulated. City space is acted on primarily as a commodity that is bought and sold for profit. Current trends include middle-class African-American families following white flight patterns out of cities, while affluent whites return to cities that have historically had a black majority. Dougherty, Connor. It is especially difficult to provide water and sanitation services to deprived areas and the poorest people. Global favorites like New York, London, and Tokyo are all examples of postindustrial cities.

Soil erosion and desertification are just two of the many forms of soil pollution. Desertification is the process in which fertile land is turned into desert through deforestation, drought, and overgrazing.

It is especially difficult to provide water and sanitation services to deprived areas and the poorest people. The development of factories brought people from rural to urban areas, and new technology increased the efficiency of transportation, food production, and food preservation.

Five features define the form of corporate cities: dispersal of population in suburbs, high-rise apartment buildings, isolated industrial parks, downtown cores of office towers, and suburban shopping malls.

rapid urbanization

Unfortunately, in their hunt, these workers are exposed to deadly toxins. The Environment and Society The subfield of environmental sociology studies how humans interact with their environments.

In comparison, Africa is only 40 percent urbanized. Any changes to the quality of surface water also affects groundwater because they are linked by the processes of the water cycle so pollutants from the surface will infiltrate down and contaminate soil and groundwater as well.

Or the huge old television set your family had before flat screens became popular?

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