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From there he extended explorations made earlier by the 16th-century Dutch navigator Willem Barentswho had also sought a Northeast Passage to Asia. The leaders of the mutiny were Henry Greene and Robert Juet. While there, he heard reports of two possible channels to the Pacific across North America.

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Henry Hudson sailed from London trying to find the Pacific, he stopped quickly in Iceland then proceeded on his way. Then he traveled south until he found a river.

This voyage took place in the year of Hudson sailed from Holland in the Half Moon on April 6, Spices from India were worth a lot of money in Europe, but were very expensive to transport. Travelling by sea was extremely dangerous in the early modern era and Hudson twice sailed into the treacherous waters of the North Atlantic laden with dangerous icebergs.

The exploration then reached another of his namesakes, the Hudson Bay.

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Hudson decided to sail west to seek western passage to the Orient. More Explorers:. While there, he heard reports of two possible channels to the Pacific across North America. When head winds and storms forced him to abandon his northeast voyage, he ignored his agreement and proposed to the crew that they should instead seek the Northwest Passage. Henry Hudson: New World Voyager. Today his name can be found all around us on waterways, schools, bridges and even towns. The Muscovy Company quickly made plans to begin a whaling expedition. Henry Hudson went on four voyages in the span of 5 years. Henry grew up near the end of the Age of Exploration. He had to send his log book of information on without him. However, he never found the way through. On May 1, Hudson set sail from Gravesend on the ship Hopewell along with a crew of 11 people including his year-old son John.

Excitement was very high due to the expectation that the ship had finally found the Northwest Passage through the continent. Share Henry Hudson's second voyage was named the Northeast voyage. In his memory, several bodies of water that he navigated now bear his name: Hudson Baythe Hudson Riverand Hudson Strait.

However, they now lost faith that he could find a northern passage.

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Henry Hudson's Journey on Tripline