Supply chain software

Supply chain software

Duncan Clarkhead of PatSnap Academy points out that open source software can enter customers source code, including their internally developed proprietary code, in many different and often undocumented ways.

However you decide to compare systems, make sure you completely understand the depth of options available to you. Requirements management is especially critical in highly regulated industries such as health care, where software may be developed for medical devices that can mean life or death for the users.

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These are likely the kind of questions that will concern your CEO—big picture questions, and rightly so. Advanced technology will increasingly be used to improve transparency and visibility throughout this network, as well as to further enable connectivity and SCM utilization.

We have, too. This ensures traceability, repudiation, and trust throughout your supply network.

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What are the third-party components that developers are using, or reusing, which ultimately are going to get shipped to customers - and is that going to ship a risk to the customers which could come back to bite the organisation?

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Building a model of the software supply chain