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This decision rests on the assumption that should the program be implemented in the future, the most effective mode of intervention would be chosen. Published studies which were known or suspected to have employed the same database were only included once. Even considering only published studies, it may be difficult to detect duplication. Only one effect size from each pair of articles was included to avoid the possibility of data dependence. The limited number of effect sizes precluded such analysis. Model specification was tested using the QE goodness-of-fit statistic. However, only parental participation and percentage of females were significant in the weighted least-squares regression analysis. Studies had to be either experimental or quasi-experimental in nature, excluding three designs that do not permit strong tests of causal hypothesis: the one group post-test-only design, the post-test-only design with non-equivalent groups and the one group pre-test—post-test design

For most programs currently implemented in the US, a delay in the initiation of sexual activity constitutes a positive and desirable outcome, since the likelihood of responsible sexual behavior increases with age Howard and Mitchell, When multiple variations of interventions were tested, the effect size was calculated for the most successful of the treatment groups.

A time period restriction was imposed because of cultural changes that occur in society—such as the AIDS epidemic—which might significantly impact the adolescent cohort and alter patterns of behavior and consequently the effects of sex education interventions.

Franklin et al.

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Interventions appeared to be more effective when geared to groups composed of younger students, predominantly females and those who had not yet initiated sexual activity. This opens doors of opportunities enables individual to achieve better prospects in career growth.

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The sample sizes used for the overall effect size analysis corresponded to the actual number used to estimate the effects of interest, which was often less than the total sample of the study. The larger effects associated to small-scale trials seems worth exploring.

With all this history behind us, sex is becoming even more of an issue.

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