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The students who can use it fluently are those who observed many examples of its usage in speech and writing.

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She also becomes demotivated when she realizes that her Portuguese will never reach the level of her English. New York: Newbury House.

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Erstad, O. In primary school, occurrences of support were reported 39 in-school and 62 out-of-schoolin secondary school 47 in-school and 64 out-of-schooland in upper secondary school 50 in-school and 68 out-of-school.

The Modern Language Journal, 93 2 Next we will introduce three typical profiles named after learner types: a digiage learner, a hybrid learner, and an in-school learner. In our sample, attitudes towards technologies were mostly positive, but also critical.

Ratey, J. Extraversion Discussions in the second language Role-playing in the second language Conversations with other students in the second language Self-introductions in the second language Presentations about the culture of the second language Interactive learning Independent reading in the second language Writing tasks in the second language Listening tasks in the second language Observational tasks such as to write a composition in the second language Space and time to think in assessments Voluntary participation in class. You are well on your way to language performance. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research, 59 3 , - Ways to introduce the second language A second language can be acquired at any time after a child has developed language skills. It is not possible to say to what extent these potential reasons have contributed to her success, or which ones are more important that the others. In other words, when the filter is 'up' it impedes language acquisition. Finally, the good language learner will attempt to match the speech and smoothness of his fluency with that of his speaking partner. Metacognitive knowledge development and language learning in the context of web-based distance language learning: a multiple-case study of adult learners in China.

Canadian Modern Language Review, 37, pp Her experience then could challenge the critical hypothesis theory which suggests that there is a particular time around puberty when a learner is most likely to have success in language learning.

They plan their work schedule and stick to the plan, often getting work done early. ReCALL, 20 2 Never or almost never used 1.

Why can many professional basketball and baseball players perform at a high level? They have started using various technologies more outside school with age, but do not have much experience in their classroom use. I do not believe that the internet or new technical devices facilitate language learning. Canadian Modern Language Review, 31 pp Digiage learners have used various technologies on a daily basis especially in their out-of-school social activities. According to Krashen there are two independent systems of second language performance: 'the acquired system' and 'the learned system'. Fincham, N. There are more job opportunities, more potential friends and acquaintances, and the chance to learn about different countries and their cultures. Language is primarily intended to communicate meaning and not only be grammatically correct. Is a Good Guesser If a student can't understand every important word in a spoken or written sentence, he or she will attempt to guess the word from context. Never or almost never used 1. The 'acquired system' or 'acquisition' is the product of a subconscious process very similar to the process children undergo when they acquire their first language. Uusikoski, O.

Holman, J.

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Language Learner Profile: Learning Strategies