Ring closing metathesis reaction mechanism

You can make polycyclic, heterocyclic, and aromatic rings. Nolan, M. It remains important to consider the substitution pattern of the alkene and the activity and functional-group compatibility of the catalyst.

Heterocycles containing a carbon-carbon double bond can also be prepared via RCM.

grubbs catalyst ring closing mechanism

Without the Lewis acidonly the membered dimer ring was observed. Ma, C. An isomerization-ring-closing metathesis strategy for the synthesis of substituted benzofurans W. The selectivity is attributed to the increased steric clash between the catalyst ligands and the metallacyclobutane intermediate that is formed.

ring closing esterification

Borys, D. Cross-coupling reactions of alkenyl halides or alkenyl nucleophiles, which establish carbon-carbon single bonds adjacent to C-C double bonds, have also emerged as complimentary alternatives to olefination reactions.

grubbs ring opening metathesis mechanism

Nascimento, B.

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Ring Closing Metathesis