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For example, the High-Level Description and the Quasi- formal description are both algorithms to find the largest number in a set of numbers.

Share this article:. Most engineers who are trying to figure out a problem will first break out the pen and paper or a dry erase board and pseudocode aka Whiteboard the problem because it's easier to see all the moving parts that way and design a good solution.

An un-decidable problem may have instances that have an algorithmic solution, but there is no algorithmic solution that solves all instances of the problem. Algorithms that solve the same problem can have different efficiencies. We also could have gone into deeper details or changed up some of the operations a bit, but the core logic has to be there somehow.

Check out this example of pseudocoding from Khan Academy.

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Sequencing is the order in which the steps are carried out. Pseudocode is basically just writing down the logic of your solution to a specific coding challenge using plain English.

Pseudocode examples

A recipe is only effective if the operations are ones that the cook can perform - which is equivalent to algorithm operations needing to be effectively computable. Whether a language is object-oriented or functional, it will still need to use conditional statements, functions, variables, loops and all manner of other common logical structures. Selection uses a Boolean condition to determine which of two parts of an algorithm is used. It is only one of many possible solutions to the problem, and in a text-based language your superpowers can be greatly expanded once you know a few tips and tricks. You can test if a number is prime by trying to divide it by every number from 2 onward. Only the actual syntax for implementing them is different. For example, a recipe to make a cake from a box results in a faster creation of the cake than a recipe to create a cake from scratch. For instance, the SQL language is good for expressing queries to databases, but not for implementing games.

Different algorithms can be developed to solve the same problem. Next Lesson: The Elements of Pseudocode.

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Many problems can be solved in a reasonable time. Both yield cakes, but one is faster than the other. Knowledge of standard algorithms, such as searching and sorting algorithms, can help in constructing new algorithms. Different languages are better suited for expressing different algorithms. Solving Problems Algorithms can solve many but not all problems. In this section, we'll start showing you how to design the solutions to problems without actually knowing how to code by using "Pseudocode". Algorithms can be combined to make new algorithms. This code can easily be translated into any programming language. It is crucial that the steps in an algorithm are performed in the right order - otherwise the algorithm will not work correctly.
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Introducing pseudocode