Pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol essay

This paper will also talk about drunk driving and what the outcome of that will be.

Pregnant mothers should not drink alcohol essay

Most of the effects from cocaine show up later on in life for the child. This is known as neonatal withdraw syndrome. Not drinking alcohol is the safest approach Drinking alcohol at any stage during pregnancy can cause harm to your baby and the more you drink, the greater the risk. The fetus is safest when the mother abstains from drink. This embryonic period is the critical time when the fetal organs are most susceptible to the development of major abnormalities caused by the fetotoxic effect of alcohol. A major drug that is used and abused is cocaine. Introduction A.

In most cases, the mothers who were unaware of their pregnancy and consumed alcohol later claimed that their children suffered from disabilities such as learning problems, being below average academically, and as well as being hyperactive and impulsive.

The signs of fetal alcohol syndrome are lower IQ, a higher prenatal mortality, and lower birth weight.

Alcohol and pregnancy facts

Tell your health care provider if you need help to stop drinking alcohol. I, myself, found out I was pregnant at a very young age and it was a complete surprise. For a baby born with a congenital anomaly, this means receiving appropriate child-care. The harmful effects of medications, alcohol and illegal drugs on an unborn child can be devastating and can have significant consequences to its use. Is it safe to drink alcohol when pregnant? Any foreign body that enters the mother that is not beneficial or healthy to the fetus is categorized as a teratogen. Whether it is just one drink or one hit or this is an everyday occurrence; it can affect the baby mentally and physically for the rest of its life Another serious drug that is unfortunately widely taken is heroin. I will then illustrate the consequences it has for an entire family, should they remain a whole entity. There are many facilities that woman can go to in order to receive more information about drugs and alcohol and the wide-ranging effects it has on their babies.

At around the time cocaine-born child is in preschool, that child will exhibit learning disabilities like delayed language, and will have trouble regulating themselves when given a simple novel task.

This affects the alcohol metabolism of a pregnant woman, and each of the three main estrogens exhibit relatively more volatility. Low birthweight also called LBW.

alcohol and pregnancy essay

October 28, by Taylor Drug and Alcohol Effects on the Fetus The time that the fetus is in the womb is one of the most crucial times in development. Depending on how much the mother consumes defects can range from mental retardation to deficits in leaning abilities.

Sometimes the effects can be faced and treated, and other times the outcome is a lifelong challenge. Drinking alcohol in the first weeks of pregnancy - a time when many women are unaware they are pregnant - may cause long-term brain changes in offspring, according to the study.

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Alcohol and pregnancy