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The term boy band was not established until the late s as before that they were called male vocal groups or "hep harmony singing groups". Most recently, they came out with their album titled Anthemand they still perform as a trio today in addition to working on solo projects.

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But their harmonized croons of puppy love is what gives the track its boy band appeal. They were together for five years before splitting, but within those five years, there was some glorious music made They were formed in the s and were together despite fluctuating members until The pillowy guitar snap and four-part harmonies are doused in an earnestness that impressively resists anything resembling an edge. Danny DeVito. Some sections of the press have referred to these acts, particularly those who have reformed after a previous split, such as Take That, Boyzone, and 98 Degrees , as 'man bands'. But amid the endless moving parts, Seventeen mastered how to make them feel simultaneously distinctive and cohesive. They are still making music today. Although they had success on the Billboard charts, they were not marketed towards youth but more towards adults. Doo-wop bands sang about topics such as love and other themes used in pop music.

The group achieved the same amount of success but for a limited period of time. Hot as well as the Australian Singles Chart. Of course, the true definition of a boy band is nebulous: Do they have to dance? Some boy bands have come under fire for this issue of using auto-tune.

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Their popularity spread throughout Asia. In the Philippines, a major boy band has been formed by bringing the first reality boy band search of the country called Pinoy Boyband Superstar which held midafter all the series of auditions, rigorous training and competition, the winners formed as a group called Boyband PH a five-piece Pinoy boy band which managed by Star Magic [28] In South Korea, boy bands have been commercially successful.

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Sometimes they come from elsewhere -- the U. Although being American and the sons of Tito Jacksona member of The Jackson 53T had several hits singles across Europe in the mids, despite limited success in the US, and finished the second biggest selling act of in Europe behind the Spice Girls.

Snoop Dogg, "Boyfriend" With a Nickelodeon series bringing these four together, Big Time Rush was essentially the modern-day Monkees with their goofy antics and good looks.

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Although they had success on the Billboard charts, they were not marketed towards youth but more towards adults.

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