Names of the family members of the holy prophet muhammad pbuh

The later kings of Egypt, however, mistreated the Israelites who spent the next three hundred years in bondage and servitude under their Egyptian masters.

Hazrat muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam family names

Six of the Prophet's wives were from Quraish. Abbas ra was a paternal uncle and companion of the Prophet pbuh , just a few years older than his nephew. The later history of the Hebrew people is described in some detail in this book under the title Judaism. Together they dug the well of Zamzam. Zaynab ra married the Prophet pbuh after the divorce of her first marriage which had been to the adopted son of the Holy Prophet pbuh. Of all the various races in the world, the Semitic people have perhaps contributed the most to the civilization of Man. At the time there lived in Mecca a rich lady by the name of Khadijah who was twice widowed. His wife was Ruqayya, step-daughter of the Messenger of Allah s. It is a well-known fact that Prophet Muhammad always had a respected place in his society both before and after his prophethood. He died during the Prophet's lifetime and had no offspring. She promised to emancipate Washi if he would kill amzah. Tribal prejudice in the pre-islamic Arab society gave rise to a spirit of tribal loyalty in the form of strong relations amongst people from the same tribe and branch.

O Aisha, never turn a needy person away from your door. He died without leaving any offspring. Aisha ra was a beautiful, generous and an extremely intelligent young woman who was quick to learn and had a very accurate memory.

The Prophet pbuh gave her hand in marriage to his cousin Ali rathe son of his uncle Abu Talib. This code is perhaps the oldest code known to man and deals with the rights and duties of the various classes of people living in the Babylonian Empire.

When her husband reverted to Christianity, Umm divorced him and later married Muhammad, though they didn't initially live together. She was married to the renowned Miqdad al-Aswad al-Bahrani, also known as al-Kindi.

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He married the first three women before moving to Mecca, while the rest resulted in some fashion from the Muslim war over Mecca. He not only took care of some of their material needs, he was also there for their spiritual needs. He surrounded the young child with love and affection and looked after him as if he was his own son. His shedding tears by the side of the grave of his other daughter, Umm Kholsom, is another one of his sad and happy moments that we can find in sources. The Sasanid Empire came into being in the year A. Ruqaiyyah to The Prophet shared all the worries and happinesses of his children not only as Allah's Apostle, but also as a human being, as their father. Sadly Mohsin and Ruqaiyyah died in childhood. Mohammad's second daughter became a Muslim at the same time her mother did.

May Allah be pleased with amzah. In what progressed later, the Prophet asked Abu'l As to bring his daughter to Madinah. It is a well-known fact that Prophet Muhammad always had a respected place in his society both before and after his prophethood. The third and fourth caliphs are shown by numbers.

Allah gave you better ones than her.

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She was a very hard-working and noble woman and despite being very poor herself she was very generous to others. It is said that around the year A.

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The Family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)