Motivational strategy of employees in tata motors

In the company at every where we could find safety instruction for employees as well as for out side people, and employees always suggests outside people to follow the safety standards. Extensively high or low score are given only to certain individuals or groups based on the rater's attitude towards them and not on actual outcomes or behaviors; sex, age, race and friendship biases are examples of this type of error.

Synopsis on employee motivation

This feedback becomes the basis of the promotion of the employees. Enhance productivity 2. Tata Tea Largest integrated tea company in India. There is a Toxic Detected Machine, if the machine gives a positive isolation, then employee should be implemented. A member of the personnel or central administrative staff meets with small groups of raters from each supervisory unit and goes over each employee's rating with them to a identify areas of inter-rater disagreement, b help the group arrive at a consensus, and c determine that each rater conceives the standards similarly. Exploration of opportunities in titanium dioxide business in Tamil Nadu, Ferro- chrome plant in South Africa and setting up of a deep- sea port in coastal Orissa are integral to the Growth and Globalization objective of Tata Steel. Of course, few workers will not experience a boost in morale after receiving more money. As a health care manager you play a large role in how motivated your employees are in doing assigned tasks, reaching goals along with daily duties. Participatory and open An effective appraisal system should necessarily involve the employee's participation, usually through an appraisal interview with the supervisor, for feedback and future planning.

Necessary steps are also undertaken for employees who deviate from their goals. Up skilling employees through process based ,on the job training and diploma courses through premium engineering institutes.

Motivational strategy of employees in tata motors

We will truly succeed when we sustain our environmental achievement and are valued by the communities in which we work. Company should provide a better schooling facility for Joda division. Working safely shall be condition of employment. During appraisals, subordinates and supervisors can focus on work activities and goals, identify and correct existing problems, and encourage better future performance. Keeping morale high among workers can be of tremendous benefit to any company, as happy workers will be more likely to produce more, take fewer days off, and stay loyal to the company. But attempting to avoid these pitfalls by doing away with appraisals themselves is like trying to solve the problems of life by committing suicide. These were allotted on 31 Dec. Dolomite from the region is extracted after drilling and blasting in a series of 4 meter high benches. Within the past five or six years, MBO has become something of a fad and is so familiar to most managers that I will not dwell on it here. The Salem district in the South, the Chanda district in the Central Provinces and Bengal as good for yielding the iron ore. The research methodology, which follows, is the backbone of the study. Long and complicated formats are time consuming, difficult to understand, and do not elicit much useful information. This is the question on which no one will give true answer. The employees are satisfied for a certain limit, they has a complain also and that is, the health care facility is only for small and normal diseases, if there is a measure disease arise then there is no arrangements for that.

Actually, performance management includes various types or system. Safety Once physiological needs are met, one's attention turns to safety and security in order to be free from the threat of physical and emotional harm.

It is used to give individuals accountability, direction, persistence and more effort in what they are doing or trying to achieve. We've seen from previous discussions, that people are one of a company's most valuable assets.

Project on employee motivation and productivity

If possible, provide amenities to your workers to improve morale. The attitude of the rater is to play safe. Etched with the visions and the origins and ascent of Tata Steel, which has culminated into the century long hardships of a single man, the story has flowed through ages to redefine steel in every way. Performance Appraisal and Motivation Motivational research has recognized the power of recognition as an incentive see Maslow and the Expectancy Theory of Motivation. Systematic performance appraisal also provides both the firm and the employee a careful evaluation, rather than a snap judgement of an employee's performance. The various educational institutions are,Govt. The company has a strong sales and distribution channel as shown below. The objective of this project is to find out how much the employees are satisfied and what is their quality of life. The unsatisfied employees says that, this is not a continuous process at TSL, Joda.

Every parents want to send their children to a standard school rather than an ordinary school. More parties should be involved.

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They must work at there where they gets the right salary according to there performance and should leave TSL. Then on a form as shown below, the employee who is highest on the characteristic being measured and the one who is the lowest are indicated.

I would like to thank NIILM School of Business for giving me permission to do my summer internship project at Tata steel ,which is a very big organization.

The training and development program is not good at Joda, the company should work more on that and should make it a continues process. Tata steel believes that the primary purpose of a business is to improve the quality of life of people.

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