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Works Cited Dodds, E.

Throughout the play, Oedipus tries to change his fate. Yet if we somehow find out about our future, does that make us free agents? There is only one problem presented; are you perhaps in the ten percent of people who can not make up their mind. The conceptualization of the future is a paradox within itself. His actions do have repercussions but, not because he was angry with Croon. I now assume yes. Works CitedBloom, Harold, ed. But Dodds, ironically, seems to have misunderstood Sophocles. They let Oedipus do his determinations and accept the result.

Michael J. Then a messenger arrives from Corinth, unbidden by the king, revealing that Oedipus is not truly Polybus' son.

Works Cited Dodds, E. Or is he merely a marionette the Gods are playing with and no affair what pick he makes the result will ever be the same? His actions do have repercussions but, not because he was angry with Croon. Human nature begins to take over and twists and churns the story into our own fantasies. After that point, he believed that he was no longer a petty man, but a god-like creature. It is a misconception that he is portrayed as immorality. Human nature begins to take over and turns and churns the narrative into our ain phantasies. We can also see that Dodds is incorrect when he describes Oedipus as selfless. Dodds, E. He chooses to be brave. Sylvan Barnet, et al. Victorian critics still looks on to Aristotle 's misinterpreted idea. This component is based on Oedipus himself. He does battle with the truth all throughout this play but that is what makes it worth his while.

Now Oedipus is pursuing the killer as possibly the same as himself. These proves Oedipus has pick.

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Works Cited Brooks, Cleanth. He chooses to be brave, loyal, and strong. The other conclusion that Dodds rejects is that Oedipus could not have avoided his fate; alternatively, Dodds believes that Oedipus has free will over the gods and could have avoided his fate.

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Most of the time in ancient tragedies choruses do a lot of lamenting of terrible events, but do little to stop them. He states that most readers do not see Oedipus as a good character; the way Sophocles had intended.

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Dodds, E. The confidence and power that he demonstrated in the first series of encounters gradually erode into anger, loss of control and fear

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Misunderstanding Oedipus Rex