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Perhaps most important is the fact that Longfellow presented Revere as a lone rider in opposition to the might of the British Empire, when in fact Revere was just a cog, although an important one, in an elaborate warning system set up by the Sons of Liberty to spread an alarm quickly and efficiently. Dawes, who had probably turned aside to alarm a house, noticed what was going on and made his escape. His goal was not only to create a piece of history, but also to create an American hero… Which he successfully accomplished. Prescott offered to help carry the news. Have each student group become "expert" in one person's testimony. The graphic organizer has been started for the students. In he was, simply, John Larkin. Longfellow was writing in a time of growing national crisis, with war clouds forming between North and South, and wrote a poem more about national unity than the true story of Paul Revere. Write Have students synthesize what they have learned by creating first person accounts of the night in April The countryside was crawling with British troops who were looking to stop patriots from spreading news.

Before he was released, however, his horse was confiscated to replace the tired mount of a British sergeant. We have not changed the original wording.

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Students should be in small groups to read an eyewitness account. This viewpoint distances us from this scene, making it seem like a toy or fantasy.

Prescott escaped immediately and Dawes, shortly afterwards.

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Today he is best known as one of the horseback messengers who rode from Boston to Lexington to warn colonists of the approaching British army. The artist draws our attention to Paul Revere, in the lower left quadrant through value contrast.

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At this point, the author has changed some of the details completely. He springs to the saddle, the bridle he turns, But lingers and gazes, till full on his sight A second lamp in the belfry burns. Longfellow researched quite a lot about Revere and the ride, so he knew the actual history quite well.

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Colonial resistance caught the Redcoats by surprise as they approached Concord. Ask students to create their own artistic interpretation of the night of April 18, based on their investigation of the painting and the primary source readings. After the Provincial Assembly was dissolved, and Boston occupied in March , Revere and his fellow couriers began meeting at the Green Dragon, a hotspot of anti-British sympathizers. Forced to limp into the moonlit night, he receded into obscurity, and Dawes lost his horse, although he managed to scare the soldiers away. Somerset, and rode on horseback to Mystic Village present day Medford. Meanwhile, his friend through alley and street Wanders and watches, with eager ears, Till in the silence around him he hears The muster of men at the barrack door, The sound of arms, and the tramp of feet, And the measured tread of the grenadiers, Marching down to their boats on the shore. The darkest area is the landscape in the background; but the area with the darkest shadows appears next to the lightest area. When he arrived at Dr. We do know exactly what he said when he got to Lexington, however, as there was a sentry on duty outside the house where Adams and Hancock lodged, and that sentry, a Sergeant Monroe, later wrote down what happened. The countryside was crawling with British troops who were looking to stop patriots from spreading news.
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Midnight Ride of Paul Revere: Fact, Fiction, and Artistic License