Mediation and arbitration

They should be able to contain their emotions so that they can behave patiently and respectfully toward each other. There are several organization that set standards for mediators in Ontario.

compare and contrast negotiation mediation and arbitration

Mediation-arbitration also gives you a lot of control over the process. Think about these reasons and then decide if you want to try mediation-arbitration with your partner. The arbitration process is also viewed as being more streamlined in the discovery process.

advantages of arbitration vs mediation

They may be able to plan the process in a way that makes it fair and safe. The main focus remains on the parties as they work towards a mutually beneficial solution. The parties are also in control of the outcome. However, if important issues are at stake, you may want to ask a lawyer for advice on your situation before going through mediation, and you may want to ask the lawyer to review any agreement that results from mediation before you sign it.

This is primarily because the parties can select an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators with knowledge of the construction industry.

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Dispute Resolution Process: Combining Mediation and Arbitration with Med