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Their most-used social media platform is Facebook although email is still the best way to communicate with them as 35 to year-olds are the most likely to prefer email 78 percent. Millennials, on the other hand, have left marketers wondering how to grab the attention of a population that has their heads stuck in their electronic devices. They're more willing to spend their disposable income on services like Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, and Kickstarter than other generations. In comparison to their Gen X predecessors, millennials are inherently more tech-savvy having grown up with personal computers and the internet for the majority of their lives. Website A website is more than just an information stall about your product. Step Up Your Word-of-mouth Marketing According to a report from RazorFish , word-of-mouth recommendations and online consumer reviews are the top two sources of advertising that have the most impact on Millennial purchasing decisions. Once for the campaign, and once with the actual book review or author interview. But how do we market to the millennial generation? They also love to travel, are driven by social causes, and are concerned with making a difference in the world.

Hopefully, they will spread the word, and they will be eager to come back. This is not ideal.

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So go out and talk to them! Millennials are adept at finding discounts, using coupons and getting free shipping.

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Event Being relevant is defined on three levels: product level, company level, and experience level. This needs to be sold or such worth requires creation.

It's also important to note that the average millennial will change jobs four times their first decade out of college. Your agency can use programs like these to draw them in.

Marketing to generation z

If this is seamless and effortless you already have a marketing machine in the works. Marketing, therefore, will never be the same again. Brands have to provide me with this research in order to make a conscious buying decision when looking at their product. Showing them your appreciation for having chosen you is key. This age group is more likely to pay attention to data-rich product comparisons, buying guides, and credible third-party reviews that emphasize the quality and value of your brand versus alternatives. Regularly ask your audience to share feedback online, and include them in the process of developing new products or services. To put their social media consumption into perspective, 95 percent of Gen Zers say they use Youtube and 70 percent of them watch more than two hours of it each day. It's this last factor that makes Gen Yers such an attractive target to marketers. Hopefully, they will spread the word, and they will be eager to come back. When are your customers the most active? Evolve your marketing strategy as your audience evolves. Those qualities made marketing to Gen Xers easy. Products are bought after extensive research.

This generation frequently seeks out feedback from these online reviews, blogs and directly from their peers before making a purchase.

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3 Tips for Marketing to Generation Y Consumers