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Meta-analysis of qualitative and quantitative evidence: an example based on studies of patient satisfaction.

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Furthermore, literature reviews, in a number of cases, can lack analysis or evaluation. Conclusions: On the Function of Synthesis As the introduction to this paper noted, there has been a growing interest in research synthesis as a primary research activity.

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To achieve this ambitious objective, the authors performed a bibliometric analysis of medical informatics citations indexed in medline using publication trends, journal frequencies, impact factors, Medical Subject Headings MeSH term frequencies, and characteristics of citations. Terms such as validity and reliability are often used in qualitative research, but in a way that bears little resemblance to their meaning in quantitative statistical research SPARKES, The features of each of these methods and the issues they raise for a meta-interpretation approach to the synthesis of qualitative research are now discussed in more detail. The returns from the first round of searches can be overwhelming often over 10 articles and consequently, exclusion criteria are established, often by an expert panel, to reduce the studies down to a more manageable number. In John T. Put simply, a narrative review attempts to summarize or synthesize what has been written on a particular topic but does not seek generalization or cumulative knowledge from what is reviewed Davies, ; Green et al. To conclude, our main objective in this chapter was to demystify the various types of literature reviews that are central to the continuous development of the eHealth field. London: Sage. Sports tourism and identity: developing a sports tourism participation model. Systematic reviews: Synthesis of best evidence for clinical decisions.

Wright Mills, Charles Series editors' introduction. In Norman K.

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Such reviews involve no evaluation, and merely present a tour of research that the researcher sees as relevant to the research he or she is about to conduct.

As in any academic discipline, rigorous knowledge syntheses are becoming indispensable in keeping up with an exponentially growing eHealth literature, assisting practitioners, academics, and graduate students in finding, evaluating, and synthesizing the contents of many empirical and conceptual papers.

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Knowledge in Society. Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. Findings from eight rcts involving 6, participants were pooled into meta-analyses to calculate the magnitude of effects that mobile text message reminders have on the rate of attendance at healthcare appointments compared to no reminders and phone call reminders.

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Several search terms relating to phrs were used during this process. Annals of Internal Medicine. The authors then extracted data from the selected articles and created several tables, one for each outcome category. Cronin P. Klassen, Terry P. Wood, Peter This leads on to the second key point about the function of synthesis: that synthesis should be synergistic. Asking the right questions: scoping studies in the commissioning of research on the organisation and delivery of health services. Research synthesis as a scientific process; pp. Wolf, Fredric M. Not only are such interpretations widely available, but they can also convey "meaning in context" MISHLER, that can be difficult to draw out from raw data. Interpreting results and drawing conclusions. Roberts, Karen A. However, there are a number of issues that arise from a discussion of meta-analysis that might contribute to the development of the meta-interpretation approach. Beyond the divide between cognition and discourse: using interpretive phenomenological analysis in health psychology.

Glaser, Barney They organized information to bring forward those mechanisms where patient portals contribute to outcomes and the variation in outcomes across different contexts. In: The handbook of research synthesis and meta-analysis.

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The next section of the paper briefly summarises the main features of such an approach from the above discussions before detailing a potential procedure for meta-interpretation. Several search terms relating to phrs were used during this process. The key to this lies in the open and transparent nature of the procedure, and in leaving a clear "audit trail" SMITH, ; YIN, of decisions and interpretations made during the course of the synthesis. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Dwight Hare, Meta-ethnography: synthesising qualitative studies pp. Their model follows the systematic data processing approach comprised of three steps, namely: a literature search and screening; b data extraction and analysis; and c writing the literature review. Mishler, Eliot Heterogeneity between the included studies in terms of reported outcomes and measures precluded the use of meta-analytic methods. To conclude, our main objective in this chapter was to demystify the various types of literature reviews that are central to the continuous development of the eHealth field. Deeks J. Faculty like to use narrative reviews in the classroom because they are often more up to date than textbooks, provide a single source for students to reference, and expose students to peer-reviewed literature Green et al. In Robert B. In the language of statistics, context is the independent variable.
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