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They are chosen for their charm and style, Italian hospitality and the relationship built with them over time.

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So you can begin your holiday straight away — without navigating public transport with heavy luggage, negotiating taxi fares in a foreign language or getting lost before your adventure even begins! Aperitivo is a pre-dinner drink, from 5pm and usually a birra or spirit mix enjoyed seated with a little complimentary salty snack.

Relax and savour your Italian experience. The sole purpose of the travel brochures is to convey the most of the information in the least amount of space keeping it impressively designed.

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Relax and savour your Italian experience. Italy is a Roman Catholic country and, despite what you believe, it is respectful to cover your shoulders and knees when in a church or sacred place.

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What a great idea! What a great idea! Crown jewel of the Italian Riviera, Portofino lies between two gulfs creating a picturesque hamlet embedded in a Natural Reserve, a protected area that houses. Pizzas thin crust are often eaten whole. Beyond Italy We understand that you may be combining your Italy experience with other European destinations. Ask for details. Affordable and suitable for a family. Rest indoors or in a gallery, church, museum or shady park during the heat of the day. Italy is a dream destination that travellers return to again and again. Ask for our best available air and land deals and save. Italians observe lunch as their main daily meal, take a siesta nap in summer during the heat of the day and eat dinner late… often walking, chatting and eating gelato in the cool of the evening. Milky lattes and cappucinos are enjoyed before 11am. There are so many things to love about Italy… and your Italian journey starts here. Pizza, pasta and piazze… Aperitivo, cheese and vino… Narrow winding alleyways, rolling green hills with olive groves and vineyards, ancient ruins and cultural masterpieces None of the penguins at Penguin School ever want to leave the iceberg — they don't want to go on holiday!

As a rough guide, the following hotel star ratings are a good indication to the facilities and standard you can expect. Another important thing in any Brochures for tourism is that you should not disclose all the terms and conditions of the trip.

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Italy Travel Guide and Travel Information