How to write a personal manifesto pdf

how to write a personal manifesto pdf

Statements help clarify what you really want; they align team members and inspire action; they empower and elevate. Does it challenge the status quo? From the first choices you make, you are beginning to formulate who you are.

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Draft your sentences in the present tense, as if it were already happening. In each case, the relatively simple language and concepts resulted in powerful changes for the individual or organization. But in our consulting work we teach executives to write purpose statements for the projects they lead. The following examples may share how simple the process, and outcome can be. It should reflect your knowledge of media production, of terms, techniques, and theories, and it should reflect your work in the class. Does it reflect a real desire that others share? Then, take the statement to the public. If working alone, you can brainstorm on a notepad or on your computer. Revise accordingly. Why is publicizing important?

It might be a simple as writing the statement on a flip chart paper and hanging it in a conference room; emailing it to project team members; or putting it at the top of all your planning documents. For bigger initiatives, you can make your public declaration on your website, through social media, or as an announcement to the press or at a public event.

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At the same time, purpose statements cannot be fanciful. The following examples may share how simple the process, and outcome can be.

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Find the right channels to Publicize your statement based on the focus and scope of your initiative.

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How to Write a Personal Manifesto