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Margins: Keep your margins between 1 to 1. Before you write — or finalize — your next business letter, take some time to review how to format the letterfrom font choice to style, along with which salutations and sign-offs are appropriate to use.

Focus and specificity Business writing should be clear and concise. If you are applying for a specific job, include any information pertinent to the position that is not included in your resume.

Your readers have an interest in what you say insofar as it affects their working world. Also, make sure to include their title — such as Dr.

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Letters that some people loosely define as business letters which are NOT business letters at all include: resume cover letters, personal character and job reference letters, complaint letters, letters to landlords, personal thank you letters, resignation letters, job inquiry and application letters; and other letters of a personal nature such as letters of apology, congratulations, invitation, and condolence, among others.

Our experts have written of guides on how to write various types of formal letters.

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Business Letter and Email Examples