Hinduism and buddhism comparison essay

Critically evaluating, one would easily say that the basic doctrines are same for the two religions but still they differ a lot when it comes to practicing those beliefs.

Moreover, the two religions deal with the benefits of the community giving it a higher priority then an individual. Commenting upon the type of philosophy they practice, one would easily discern the difference of Hinduism being more stable and Buddhism relying more on humanitarian philosophy.

hinduism and buddhism article

Hindus believe in reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul and the concept of successive rebirths until one dwells in Brahman forever after the quest for the realization of truth. Since both of them arose from the same part of the globe, they do have a number of similar beliefs but they differ on other practices and doctrines.

Hinduism and buddhism comparison essay

Buddhists preach compassion, charity and nonviolence and while Hindus profess pacifism and ahimsa, which is the avoidance of harm to people and animals, they still believe war is justifiable in certain cases. Both of the religions do believe in the concept of worshipping a God but on different planes.

Some doctrines which are help important for the Hindus are not valued much by the Buddhists and vice versa.

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So many people in this world believe in numerous different religions. The religions are ruled by the laws of Karma which is applicable to every being. If a woman commits adultery, she must be burned to death and all property a couple may acquire belongs to the male.

Though these two religions are old, they are still practiced today by millions of followers within the continent of Asia and the West.

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Compare and Contrast Hinduism and Buddhism Essay