Hazard of malathion

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In jurisdictions which spray malathion for pest control, it is often recommended to keep windows closed and air conditioners turned off while spraying is taking place, in an attempt to minimize entry of malathion into the closed environment of residential homes. To reduce the risk of exposure to malathion that may occur when contaminated vegetables or other produce grown in a backyard garden is eaten, it is important to wash the foods prior to eating them. The risk of exposure to malathion from drinking groundwater appears to be low. If persons who are exposed accidentally or intentionally to high amounts of malathion are rapidly given appropriate treatment, there may be no long-term harmful effects. Experimental studies reported increased numbers of liver tumors and a very small increase in the number of tumors in the nose or mouth in laboratory animals fed diets containing very high levels of malathion for their lifetimes. Should I be concerned about my private swimming pool? Scientists have the responsibility to treat research animals with care and compassion. Prolonged treatment often is needed to reverse the poisoning. Updated January 21, Its potential systemic health effects on specific organs include the following: 9. Is malathion likely to contribute to the development of cancer? Related Topics:. Researchers found that the Henry's Law Constant was poor at predicting the distribution of malathion and other pesticides between air and fog droplets, with fog droplets containing up to six-fold greater concentrations of malathion than expected. Malathion has also been used in public health mosquito control and fruit fly eradication programs. In , B.

The United States used malathion among the insecticides to control mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus during the year [ 15 ]. If possible, keep your pet inside during the spraying and for about 30 minutes afterwards to help minimize exposure.

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For the most current information, check with the federal agency or organization that provides it. It has been effective in the control of pests on vegetables, field crops, fruits, agriculture, commercial extermination, fumigation, domestic animals, and veterinary practices.

Mode of action OP pesticides including malathion share a common mode of action.

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Health13 6 Families can reduce the risk of exposure to malathion in the soil, on plants, or in the air by staying away from fields that have been recently sprayed.

Make sure that any person you hire is licensed and, if appropriate, certified to apply pesticides. This information is important because this substance may harm you. Can pets go outside during the spraying? Additionally, malathion has been detected in the fog of remote pristine areas, indicating that long-range transport may occur under some conditions [ 32 ].

Hazard of malathion

One of these metabolites is more harmful than malathion. EPA's groundwater database , 12 had positive detections of malathion. A previous study conducted by the U. Rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables in fact, all produce thoroughly with water before cooking or eating. Because pesticide products are inherently toxic, no pesticide exposure is risk free. More recent studies of water samples taken near where malathion was sprayed indicate that malathion is not usually found in groundwater. Distribution, transport, and fate of the insecticides malathion and parathion in the environment. EPA established a benchmark dose level of 7. The amount of chemical remaining after a half-life will always depend on the amount of the chemical originally applied.

What are some products that contain malathion? This is a free and confidential service. Data were analysed by means of general linear models.

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