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That is the question In conclusion, I believe it is easily seen how Hamlet's idealism causes great problems for him, considering his situation. In the end, however, it is not Hamlet's sense of right and wrong that charges him to vengeance; rather, his uncle's death occurs in a heat of passion.

The latter is reinforced through these archetypes in terms of the value placed on masculinity and intellectual coherence in relation to the demoralisation of madness and female sexuality in a religious context Since he would rather choose to suffer from the torment of fate that he believes in, he cares not to change.

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Hamlet definitely has some fatal flaws that make him fit the mold of a "tragic hero". The revenge Hamlet swore he would get was just a plan for the future until his chance arose.

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Then Hamlet and Laertes die from the poison. But hidden beneath all of that remains his insanity, the cause of his grief and hardships. This defect of Hamlet's character is displayed throughout the play. This view was later developed by Ernest Jones in Hamlet and Oedipus, where he says that Hamlet experienced warm affection for his mother which was dimly erotic in nature. As he knelt praying Hamlet walked up behind him undetected with the perfect chance to avenge his fathers death. He puts on an act of madness to disguise his revenge. Ophelia dies because Hamlet kills Polonius. This hero is always the person that the audience comes to love, however every tragic hero has to have some kind of a tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall The theme of the play is tragedy leads to chaos and chaos leads to death; and life cannot exist without the three. Hamlet could trust Horatio with his plans and opinions. Ophelia becomes very confused and hurt. Laertes is seen as a man of action that does not think about the consequences. He swore to his father that he would gain vengeance for his murder, "Haste me to know't, that I, with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge. It would follow, then, that he would have great difficulty in committing an act of such brutal violence himself. As in all Shakespearean works, there is always a tragic hero.

The one flaw that will most certainly overcome Hamlet and bring him to death is his willingness to over-think. One also might expect him to be a very bitter person, but he is not.

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In conclusion, as heroic and refined as Hamlet is, he still suffers a downfall which leads to the tragic flaw. By considering so many different alternatives and point of views, Hamlet is always kind of finding himself an excuse to procrastinate.

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Yes, it is tragic. Revenge consumes Hamlet 's every move throughout the entire play.

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The flaw was presented to him by a ghost. Hamlet becomes so over-whelmed with death that death is all he thinks or cares about. Because he possesses such a strong mind, he can find many possible causes and effects for everyday affairs. Nevertheless, Hamlet replies: 5. He once again let his mind run while through a garden on possibilities, and slowly decided against the simple act the would have gained him his revenge. There is a violent intensity of the nature of his accosting and he tries to make Gertrude aware of the profundity of the sin of her hasty incestuous remarriage. Therefore, these scenes in Act I point out to one thing and that is the fact that Hamlet is undeniably fettered to his fate. This hero is always the person that the audience comes to love, however every tragic hero has to have some kind of a tragic flaw that eventually leads to his downfall

For characters to be considered a tragic hero, they must first be destined by the gods or any other form of the supernatural.

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