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Advertise in magazines that candidates who are sensitive to the environment are likely to read. It is now becoming important for firms capable of touting their role as good environmental citizens to formally manage perception around environmental issues through employment branding activities.

We're excited to be connecting brilliant people with amazing employers.

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Finally, contact those who rejected your offers three to six months down the line to identify positives and negatives. Form ID We have also helped several out of sector firms in their transition to Green Energy. In some industries, how you treat vendors and outsourced work can be important i. Because whatever you measure improves and whenever you add rewards to the equation the behavior improves even faster, your green recruiting effort must have metrics and rewards tied to it.

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Include narrative or video profiles of your environmentally conscious employees. We're proud to using exceptional solutions to drive innovation for recruitment into the Green Economy.

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Source at environmental organizations i. Firms like Google, Timberland, and yes, even old-school General Electric have led The way by undertaking major efforts to make being environmentally friendly a critical element of their employment brand.

When we started, we launched with a focus on Renewable Energy and Energy Management. If you have the resources, proactively seek out employees who are highly visible in environmental circles and ask them specifically to talk up your firm, to seek out candidates, and to provide you with names.

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Make sure that, where possible, job descriptions for high-volume hiring positions include responsibilities for minimizing negative environmental impacts. Having your employees spreading the word will help both recruiting and product sales. Because some applicants take the time to read your annual report, make sure it includes sections that highlight your environmental record and the fact that you recruit environmentally friendly employees. Also, recruit at environmental events and use subscription lists from green publications or email and direct mail recruiting. Fully subsidized employee bus pools for commuting employees Google has developed so many green programs that even former Vice President Al Gore, producer of the controversial documentary on global warming called An Inconvenient Truth is proud. Al Gore is a hero on most campuses. Finally, just as it was when we started or journey, we're delighted to be working in the most exciting and important sector in the world today. This means putting pressure on product advertising and marketing to include the fact that your products are eco-friendly in your product ads and packaging.
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