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Since all professional hockey players are missing front teeth, and Martin is a professional hockey player, it follows that Martin is missing front teeth. An argument is not a statement of fact.

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Writing an Argumentative Essay Choose a topic that you feel passionate about. What matters is not just that you believe that what you have to say is true, but that you give others viable reasons to believe it as well—and also show them that you have considered the issue from multiple angles.

He also recognized that people are often motivated, even manipulated, by the exploitation of their emotions.

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Therefore, Bob has put out fires. This section of the argument is more than just a conclusion. They advance their arguments to share research and new ways of thinking about topics. A sound argument is a valid argument that has all true premises. For instance, the park might well be a wonderful natural habitat; but it also likely costs a lot to maintain; and it might be a good place to walk; but the town is clogged with cars. Bob showed me a graph with rising obesity rates, and I was very surprised to see how much they had risen. Therefore, Craig loves Monique. This means a more formal, fair and well-structured approach is likely to work best. Argumentative Essay Example Universal Health Care Coverage for the United States By Scott McLean The United States is the only modernized Western nation that does not offer publicly funded health care to all its citizens; the costs of health care for the uninsured in the United States are prohibitive, and the practices of insurance companies are often more interested in profit margins than providing health care. Another type of structure that arguments can have is when two or more premises provide direct but independent support for the conclusion. It is difficult to predict the preferences for all your present and future instructors, but consider the effects it can potentially have on your writing. Is it sound? Is the data relevant? They are best avoided because they can actually detract from your effectiveness.

To better understand the concept of validity, examine this example of an invalid argument: George was President of the United States.

A sound argument is a valid argument that has all true premises. All that matters for validity is whether the conclusion follows from the premise.

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This comes about because often people privilege facts over opinions, even as they defend the right to have opinions. With this brief introduction, you can see what rhetorical or academic argument is not: An argument need not be controversial or about a controversy. An argument must be reasonable. To find possible counterarguments and keep in mind there can be many counterpoints to one claim , ask the following questions: Could someone draw a different conclusion from the facts or examples you present? The reason is simple: The lava was flowing too fast, and there was nowhere to go to escape it in time. Similarly, a lawyer would fully develop evidence for a claim using explanation, facts, statistics, stories, experiences, research, details, and the like. There are many connectives and they often work well after a semicolon as this creates a useful 'pause and emphasis effect'. What Constitutes Support? Task You might be asked to write to your local paper, arguing that the park should be preserved. In some cases, the component of refutation is split into two separate sections — concession and refutation. Every act of writing takes place in a specific rhetorical situation. Form or type of text.

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