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By Drew DeSilver When the th Congress convenes next month, women will make up nearly a quarter of its voting membership — the highest percentage in U. House of Representatives in as the first Jewish woman in either chamber of Congress. These women began to win their own elections.

Famous Facts and Firsts Margaret Chase Smitha Republican from Maine, holds the record for the being the first woman to serve in both houses of Congress.

Women have been in Congress for more than a century. First woman to chair a committee in the House of Representatives Mae Ella Nolan of California was the first woman to chair a House committee in The third woman elected to Congress, Winnifred Huckwas similarly elected to her father's seat.

The midterms also sent five new women to the Senate, more than making up for the two female senators who lost their re-election bids.

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First woman to preside over the House of the Representatives Alice Robertson of Oklahoma was the first woman to preside over the House Chamber in Counting both chambers, there will be Democratic women and 23 Republican women in the new Congress.

But some went on to distinguished careers on Capitol Hill. That November, Alice Mary Robertson of Oklahoma became the first woman to defeat an incumbent congressman. Senate and became the first openly gay politician elected to the Senate.

This new law can help Chrissy Houlahan D - Pa.

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Jon Kyl, who is retiring at the end of the year.

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Facts About Women in the House and the Senate