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It would be useless to imitate and duplicate in any of African languages. This has impacted the local culture and tradition. First, regarded politically, the choice of any indigenous language would destabilise African states which are multilingual.

African schools could normalise competent language teachers like most countries of the world. A dialect varies in pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar from others varieties of the same language. Safety procedures to prepare for the worst.

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Indeed, English is very much a part of the process of transformation, which is creating a more closely interconnected world in which people and machines talk easily to each other from one country to any other in the world. Kachru in in order to describe regional varieties of English. A second language is: [ For public purposes they often become the official language of a country. It was comforting to be able to communicate with others when we were lost, needed help or just wanted to talk. For instance, several regional classics are getting lost since the youngsters are not interested in reading them due to regional language challenges. For example, When I faced an exam that need us to write three. I think a universal language would be more convenient but it would eventually wipe out certain difference among us that serve as positive vehicles for learning and experience. This seemed to be a natural process. I agree, however, that one should not replace native languages. There is also an international university which can be accessed through satellite will also broadcast in English. The entire set of words is the language's vocabulary. Why is English a leading candidate? English as a World Language The word count is i.

However it is possible that English will not keep its monopoly in the 21st century. On most capitals of the world a person would be able to find a person speaking English. Although we knew only a little French, we were able to travel with no problem.

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English as a language has brought humanity closer. They will usually study for more than three hours a week studying English Advice for you, There was a though at one point that the language could would become global however this was not the case.

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Safety procedures to prepare for the worst. This involve the free admissions of words from other languages and easy creation of compounds and derivatives. Over 2 million children were taken away from their homes and were sent to live with strangers, surviving on rations and being taught how to use gas mask. Such a lingua franca can become Esperanto. Many of the words in English are derived from the lexicon of the earliest English. There is no danger if regional groups manage to keep their own language for internal communication, but in less developed countries the members of small linguistic groups have to change to a language of a higher rank in the language hierarchy. The leaders followed the French or English only or mainly language policies after formal independence from the colonial rule. This means that the way words are spoken is not always in line with the way the words are spelt. The use of English has extended to all levels of professional and academic applications. According to the Ethnologue, a comprehensive reference for the languages around the world, native speakers alone number over million Lewis. This is of course excluding all the second-language speakers of English around the world. The spread of English has been caused by many different reasons which include colonizing, exploring, and particularly empire building between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. For many of the soldiers who fought in the war, their lives would be tormented from the effects the war had on them However, the invasion of English is not bereft of drawbacks. Internet communication is mainly in English because Internet was born in the USA so that is not surprising.

This is of course excluding all the second-language speakers of English around the world. In time, human population created a means of communication.

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Essay on English Language: The International Language