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New Channel Development Process 18 Concept development Feasibility study Test marketing Launch Segmentation:Company has sound background apart from that they are looking for another segment to enhance their sales.

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Cadburys other products include Drinking Chocolate and Cocoa powder. Dark Chocolate Segment and launched Cadbury Bournville in the market. It is particularly useful when launching a new way of movement of product and ensures that the rights Strategy are developed.

Key Success Factors Cadbury is present in most happy occasions in the life of our consumer. Vision: Cadbury is an organization which impacts and interacts with the consumers.

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New wholesaling and retailing institutions emerge and new channel systems evolve. Though it takes much more time and effort to build, but once built, distribution equity is hard to erode. Data Analysis: The data are analyzed with the help of following statistical tools: a One pair T-Test, by which I implemented these statistical tools on my questionnaires and then I analyzed the effect of the test tools. Unconventional channel , which includes sweets shops, stationary shops, school, college, Archies, gift shops and Cyber caf. There are many ways to reduce uncertainty and mitigate risk when going abroad and entering new territory. The company also leverages India as a manufacturing base for producing 9 products for the overseas market. The major competitors are Nestle, Mars, and Philip Morris. There is three distributors under NCD who are covering the Delhi area. According to American Marketing Association, Distribution is the marketing and carrying of the products to the consumers and determining the market coverage. Research Methodology 4. The first offer for Kraft to takeover Cadbury on September , and the offer price was Research must be undertaken on competing products in order to identify a competitive advantage for the new channel 15 development. Cadbury India Ltd.

India with 1 billion people, million household has over 4 million retail outlets in urban markets and villages, spread cross 3. Desk research, also known as secondary research, is making use of information that is already available.

SinceCadbury Schweppes has focused on confectionery and non-alcoholic beverages.

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The Distribution of Cadbury