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Dairy farmers are extremely familiar with the pattern of milk production and carefully time the cow's next breeding to maximize milk production. You are a Manager First All these previous items are just pieces of the puzzle.

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In developed countries, dairy farms typically consist of high producing dairy cows. The automatic take-off system was developed to remove the milker from the cow when the milk flow reaches a preset level, relieving the farmer of the duties of carefully watching over 20 or more animals being milked at the same time. For this reason, many farmers will group slow-milking cows so as not to stress the faster milking cows. But most of our farmers are not conscious about this due to lack of proper publicity and public announcement by the government. An incredible amount of engineering has gone into designing milking parlors and milking machines. During this processes, called stripping the teat, the milking technician is looking for any discoloration or chunkiness that would indicate mastitis , an infection in the cow's mammary gland. Generally 40 square feet inside shed and 80 square feet open space is required per animal. Visit the market and try to understand which product has high demand.

The milker stands near the entry to the parlor and puts the cups on the cows as they move past. So, you also have to take good care of your animals.


A dry period that falls outside this time frame can result in decreased milk production in subsequent lactation. A milk lift pump draws the milk from the receiving can through large diameter stainless steel piping, through the plate cooler, then into a refrigerated bulk tank.

Open lots are dirt lots with constructed shade structures and a concrete pad where feed is delivered. The nutritional contents of each available feed are used to formulate a diet that meets all nutritional needs in the most cost effective way. The pipeline allowed barn length to keep increasing and expanding, but after a point farmers started to milk the cows in large groups, filling the barn with one-half to one-third of the herd, milking the animals, and then emptying and refilling the barn.

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