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The e-mail management server decides how to handle the e-mail based on categories designated by the client.

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Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post. Locating the bulk of the operations in the Philippines will allow live e-care to offer these services at lower costs. So it comes as no surprise that the core strategy for retaining workers in the Philippines is to cultivate a friendly and relationship-building atmosphere. All target retailers, whether traditional brick-and-mortar companies or modern e-tailers, have websites, receive a high volume of e-mail, and need to maintain a strong positive relationship with their customers. Skill profile sought in recruitment. Identifying client's key decision-makers. If you want your business to have a strong customer service element, you need first to create an intelligent and strategic customer service plan. The recruiting strategy will be targeted towards two sets of applicants. Option 1 is preferable until we have grown sufficiently to warrant the purchase of the application. Serving a few large clients instead of many smaller clients will allow for greater efficiencies and higher quality customer service based on the assumption that it will be easier to answer e-mails for one client than 50 e-mails for 10 clients. Provide Customer Service Training to Employees Customer service training should outline the expectations and criteria the employees should strive for. Resolve Problems Quickly and Efficiently Sick of getting calls and emails every time a small issue comes up? Customer expectations and needs can change quickly and drastically, so it's important to pursue feedback regularly, and assess the results for changes. Because attracting a new customer is 10 times more costly than retaining an existing one, live e-care's services will both save our clients money and give them a means to increase future revenues.

Geographic organization. Our target customers either have poor e-mail support—they did not respond to test e-mails sent—or have indicated that they are overwhelmed and unprepared to handle the volume of e-mail they are receiving.

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Operations U. LivePlan Have you noticed that the trend in business planning right now is that less is more? Hold Employees Accountable As with providing recognition for success, it is also necessary to hold employees accountable for meeting the expectations. Training should also be updated as changes are made to the expectations. Our target customers will be those companies who are unsuccessfully handling their e-mail support in-house. Identifying client's key decision-makers. Option 2: Purchase the application and the necessary servers to host the application in-house. It is expected that as live e-care continues to understand and serve clients more effectively, it will become easier to cross-sell a variety of services, and that—after gaining the necessary expertise in serving clients on the Internet—it will be possible to negotiate longer contract terms, ensuring a more stable cash flow stream for the company. The goal for advertising is reach rather than frequency, to broaden the awareness of our company in our target market.

Our live-chat pricing. The nature of this part of the training focuses more on helping the CSR understand the exact nature of the client's business, how to classify, respond, and deliver responses to customers, as well as how to handle questions requiring a higher level of expertise.

After all, you just need it to get fundingand then you'll never look at it again.

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Compensation will be a key driver of the success of the sales force and, ultimately, the company. These companies currently do not outsource their e-mail nor do they provide an online chat service to their customers.

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This capability is especially valuable to companies that experience high volatility in online sales, such as retailers in the Christmas season.

Infosys Systems of Bangalore, India, was one of the first companies in India to offer such an incentive scheme to all their key employees from the management down to the staff level.

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E-mail message management applications manage customer e-mails generated from these client websites. Bottom line: be thoughtful and diligent. So if you claim that you can compete with these companies, you have to not only provide the same quality of service or better as they do, but also you have to add a personal touch to try and differentiate your approach.

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Determining the key decision-makers at each potential client is critical to sales success. Seasonality is a concern as well. Depending on the nature of the e-mail, the CSR may need to consult a client representative. E-mail message management applications manage customer e-mails generated from these client websites. Training Two-step training process. If you want your business to have a strong customer service element, you need first to create an intelligent and strategic customer service plan. This will be your anchor as you build and grow your customer service team. There are a ton of business plan templates out there, so you could always just dump your own information into one of them and run with it. The attraction of live e-care will be the opportunity to run their own region, potentially greater compensation, and involvement with a growing start-up.
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