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For the purpose of strengthening the drift and the moments of rupture in his emancipatory story, he chose to film the protagonists trapped in a routine they can't get a grip on. S Marines, something he asserts on several occasions throughout the film when introducing himself.

Ultimately, freedom has more to do with taking responsibility than anything else. This scene is a turnabout where we can imagine how Lester will change during the next scenes, this is also a key sequence in a way that this encounter will trigger Lester's death at the end of the movie.

That shows how the family is trapped in the ideology of the American dream and the need to desire something else in order to be happy. The opening sequence, introducing the majority of the characters, was a piece of bravura for which he worked 4 Documentary Look Closer included in the American Beauty DVD edition.

In the next shots, we follow Angela's body, languidly dancing: this is the very first representation of a 'free', moving body as the environment and clothes usually stand for constraints for the characters.

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To summarize the film, the main character Lester Burnham is a 42 year old father, husband and advertising executive. Fitts makes a failed pass at his neighbour his reaction is extreme. As we watch the film it becomes clear that his wife is almost a cypher he uses to hide his homosexual identity. Fitts displays characteristics of denial, and shame at his true feelings. Lester Burnham, played by Kevin Spacey, is the protagonist. The scenes in the house's garage are also key points of the narration: they are moments where Lester takes control back over his body and image by confronting his naked body's reflection in the window. When Col. The Burnham family are the main characters of the movie, and the family consists of Lester Burhnam, Carolyn Burnham, and their daughter Jane Burnham. While delivering a biting criticism of the life style and values of American suburban areas, Sam Mendes also constructs a strong storytelling where images are never mere illustrations of the voice-over's narration and develops in parallel a unique narrative, complementary with the first one. While his family is falling apart Col. Identity Many of the characters' problems stem from their failure to develop or maintain a coherent identity. Since Carolyn is a very controlling person, she controls her family to have out the " American Fantasy. Her body is shown fully, well lit on a dark background so she is very much in the front of the frame, make-up and costume become very provocative, figure movement is seductive with diegetic mood music porno music?

The first time we see Lester in his working environment, he seems to be floating in a world not suited for him. There is a scene where Ricky films a plastic bag floating in the air; being thrown around aimlessly by the wind.

These films expressed distaste for a system in our society, whether that be political or cultural all of these films feature a middle age man fed up with full time office work for some reason.

Concepts of identity american beauty

Lester gets upset with Carolyn is when he is trying to engage with her sexually and ends up in an argument because she cares about her furniture more than her intimacy with her husband. Carolyn has primarily based her extrinsic identity upon what the lady believes, is definitely the idea of excellence. Jane is so used to living in a state of perpetual unhappiness that when she meets Ricky she continues to obsess about her terrible home life despite the fact that Ricky's situation is clearly far worse. Lester has become so blinded by his willingness to walk the straight and narrow that he must return to a fundamental - and arguably juvenile - state in order to recapture the happiness that he once enjoyed. We see represented as a strong male character in terms of the way he speaks, often throughout the film introducing himself as "Colonel Frank Fitts, United States Marine Core. When Colonel Fitts sees Ricky and Lester together in Lester's house and mistakenly believes they are engaging in a sexual encounter, this perversion of the truth represents Colonel Fitts' suspicion and need for total control. As tensions build up at home, she furthers her belief that moving away is the answer. He learns that even though his boss and wife treat him as though he's worthless, that doesn't mean that he is. Each character becomes a mirror for the other characters, as the movie itself becomes a mirror for the spectator. As for the rhythm of narration, it changes from the first meeting between Lester and Angela or Jane and Ricky. When Jane and Ricky plan their runaway, we expect Angela to become upset with Ricky and potentially engage with Lester in spite of her relationship with Jane.

Fitts has became so afraid of his sexuality that he has built a family and a homophobic belief system he lives his life by to affirm his masculinity. These daydreams occur when they meet. The music changes, shot: Angela is alone on the stage, reverse shot: Lester is alone in the spectator's gallery.

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Either his speech or his behavior show that he never lets himself go and never leaves his military role. If we then consider the movie in this theatrical bias, it is not surprising to find a strong emphasis on the notions of characters and bodies throughout Mendes' narrative choices.

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