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The competition was within myself. She is very religious while I I only attend church when I feel like I need god in my life. She is very impatience and likes to get things done as soon as possible then again I am very patient and I always procrastinate. Furthermore, if these awards are important enough to mention, the writer needs to be more specific about what they were. Compare and Contrast Essay Outline Topic: My sister and I Introduction: Introduce my topic get the readers attention by starting the essay with a good catching attention getter, and follow through with background information about the topic First Body Paragraph: Being the first body paragraph by talking about our differences Second Body Paragraph: Second boday paragraph focus on our likes and dislikes Third Body Paragraph: Talk about our behaviors Conclusion: Conclude this essay by restating everything and summing it up and adding other facts or opinions References: Barnable, A. It takes talent to win one. Unable to move his arms, he is able to drive his wheelchair into a ramp that releases the ball into the pins. I love being active and playing sports. Other differences are that she is very hard to get along with not really the friendly type it takes a lot for her to open up to people but I am really friendly I talk to just about anyone and I am really easy going. I love to go shopping especially while she rather save her money to travel. When my brother was nine, he joined a non-competitive team that was for handicap children. My sister and I both work for two different tutoring companies. My brother and I have many things in common.

She is also very religious, but I am not. Update Cancel.

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Other differences are that she is very hard to get along with not really the friendly type it takes a lot for her to open up to people but I am really friendly I talk to just about anyone and I am really easy going.

He did not conquer his disability but learned to deal with everyday obstacle. The biggest thing we have in common is the ability to receive rewards for things we accomplished. Regression to previous behaviors is common.

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I love old things. My sister loves to try new things and I rather do the usual s things over and over again. I'm not stubborn at all and I try to do whatever is easiest for everyone. She loves to sleep and be lazy. Not to be a perfectionist, but "themselves" is one word. She is also very religious, but I am not. Moreover, our styles of fashion are also similar, including t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops. As I grew up, I enjoyed playing softball. We mostly played for fun, and it was a time to hang with friends. Lastly, we enjoy going horseback riding. She is always stubborn and makes situations so difficult for everyone else. She is the nervous type and stresses out way too much. The competition was within myself.

Even though he has a disability, he is also on a bowling team. We hardly spend time together and act like sisters.

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Having same parents increases the chances of having the same genes though. Also, where are you getting these stats?

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She wants children. If you were told you could not bury your sibling and you believed this would not only keep them from your equivalent of heaven — but would also condemn you for abstaining from a sacred duty, what would you do? Secondly, "identical" is the wrong word in the first paragraph. In addition to our physical differences, we also have nearly opposite personalities. Doing an essay without an introduction is like inviting people to a party that they do not know what it entails Expository writing is most prominent when you are writing an expository essay, which may come in several forms. The competition was within myself. She works at a bank. So why are we so different? My sister can't stand animals and doesn't plan on having children. They played an equal game for each player. For example, since most people like to watch some television and shop, those aren't revealing comparisons. In conclusion, I could not imagine having a sister that is less like me than her. However, my older sister and I are very different from each other, although many people often mistake us as twins. I love planning and organizing, but my sister never plans anything and just goes with the flow.

Remember, the tougher you can be on your own papers when revising and editing them, the less tough the reader will be. I am single and live in a duplex in Northeast Portland.

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Compare: Sibling and Body Paragraph