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Allie was friendly when Noah asked her out instead of resisting. In the book it feels like Noah regards Allie as an old pen pal, but in the movie it seems as if he cannot live without her. The book itself gives a deeper understanding of the characters, their feelings, and emotions.

This illustrates the basic principle that a. The number of websites comes up with advertisements. He did not want anyone else to play this role. Allie's mother saved the letters Noah wrote and gave them to her to read after she found Noah before her wedding.

In my opinion, the movie is a great addendum to a well-written novel.

The notebook summary

The timeline has been shortened for the movie, which makes it easier for younger audiences to relate too. This argument between Noah and Allie causes them to break up, leaving the viewer just as upset as Noah and Allie are. The kiss in the rain scene never happens in the book but has become one of the most important scenes in the movie. With its ability of perception and interpretation, it tackles the main points of the ominous Holocaust and delivers a spooky aura to the absorbed audience. In the book Nicholas Sparks describes the events in much more detail which is what I love about the way he writes. Minor Variations The most basic inaccuracy that does not change the flow of the story is the year that the events happened. When morning comes, the nurse finds them holding hands still and realizes they passed away together in their sleep. I immediately fell in love with their style of Fairy Tales, so I began to read those tales. The director thought that the film needed more drama in order to keep the audience interested in how their relationship turns out. This eventually leads to them kissing passionately in the rain.

Noah brings Allie to see all the swans on their canoe ride. Sometimes, when we first read the book and then go and see the movie we feel a bit of a letdown.

is the notebook book better than the movie

No dramatically portrayed until death thou us apart scene. Jekyll whom many can relate too. The older Allison was played by Cassavetes mother. Although in the movie Noah gives Allie a set of paints because he knows she feels most free when she is painting, but even that scene does not go as deep as the book.

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