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The execution or other process required under a judgment, decree or order from any court is not carried out in whole or in part. The CA reformed almost all aspects of company law in Malaysia.

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Before insolvency, technically the directors and officers owe a duty to each individual company within a family of companies. First, the directors of the company must make a statutory declaration in the prescribed form that the company is solvent and that it will be able to pay its debts in full for the next 12 months following the winding-up.

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It can be given in hardcopy or in electronic form or in hybrid form ie partly in hardcopy and partly in electronic form. Again, a single liquidator cannot administer the winding-up on a pooled basis, and creditors will be paid out from the assets of the company that is indebted to them. Whether all members of each class of creditors and members had all relevant and necessary information required to properly evaluate the scheme. The separate legal entity principle is well-known and causes many debates. What specific types of conduct are in breach of the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers? Can professional advisers work for the entire corporate group? Except scheme of arrangement proceedings, Malaysian law does not permit a joint proceeding in relation to insolvency proceedings for a group of companies. However continuing to trade in the knowledge that the company is insolvent is a breach of a director's duty, and a potential offence under the Companies Act. In those instances, the Court is permitted to lift the corporate veil that separates the identities of directors and the company to affect appropriate justice.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the separate legal entity and limited liability concepts are well intended. However, the statutory minimum number of directors is two, which means that the entire board cannot resign en bloc.

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On the application of the company, the court may extend the period for not more than nine months s 2. Do local courts enforce court orders from foreign jurisdictions that attempt to exercise jurisdiction over assets located in your jurisdiction that are owned by a company subject to foreign insolvency proceedings?

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Insolvency and directors' duties in Malaysia: overview