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Complete the application by clicking on the "Apply To Position" button. Work With Interesting People: You're not just working on any books. High-level book experience: In order to be considered for this role, you'll need to have at least a decade of high-level writing and editing experience, especially experience positioning and structuring books. We only care that you do your job well. Applications will remain open until we find the perfect person for this role. That could be you if you share this career ad with a friend who's perfect for it. When we say "profit sharing" we don't mean the BS "here's a tiny piece of equity that might be worth something in 10 years. Feel like you are exactly the one we need? When we say "profit sharing" we don't mean the BS "here's a tiny piece of equity that might be worth something in 10 years. If we hire them, we'll give you a 5k bonus. So every time we take profit distribution, you get a share of those actual profits. Ability to work independently as well as with peers, clients, and management. Responsibilities: Providing recommendations for writers and monitoring writing performance. You receive: An opportunity to develop leadership, managerial, and coaching skills.

Scribe is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we actively look for and hire people who bring new perspectives and experiences to our tribe. Regular and punctual attendance.

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We spend our money on things that matter to our tribe--like a full slate of benefits that would rival any Fortune 50 company. Not only that, you won't just impact the company, you'll impact the world. Plus, we eat a free lunch together in the office on Fridays! We also have a pretty cool set of principles that we live by as a tribe, you should check it out, because this is the operating system for our tribe.

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To make sure we're able to give your application the careful attention and time it deserves, please do not follow up with us unless you don't hear back from us by then. You are also supposed to motivate writers and help them with work related issues.

Strong analytical and problem solving capability.

writing jobs in round rock texas

Excellent writing and editing skills: This should be obvious and a given, but we'll say it: you must be a very good writer and editor.

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