Attention and audience

Grab your audience

What do you want your audience to gain, feel, or do as a result of the story? One definition of courage, she said, is acting out of character. Write clear headlines. This will set the tone for your entire presentation. One billion minutes ago was the height of the Roman Empire. Audience: This strategy works on any type of audience, as long as there are no time constraints. If you poison us, do we not die? You need to know your topic such that all you need are your visual cues and prompts. You have a few seconds at the beginning of the meeting to set the tone and let the audience determine whether it will be paying attention or not. A smattering of FUD gets our attention. You can use a 5-minute stretch break too.

Several devices can be used to create a story that can surprise while also engaging the emotions. Audience: Any type of audience. Confessing something personal about yourself can also make the audience feel connected with you.

how to grab attention

From bedtime stories and campfires, to Broadway theaters and boardrooms — heroes, villains, conflict, plots, dialogue, and lessons learned draw us in, remind us of our own lives, and hold our attention. We see this in certain churches using the call and response tradition of worship.

Give them anxiety. When the meeting begins, take the cover off and say, "This is why we are here.

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Getting the audience involved and thinking about potential answers creates a give-and-take relationship between the speaker and the audience.

Get Personal With so many brands vying for attention, getting personal is an effective method to gain and keep the attention of your target audience. For example, during one of my presentations, I show a picture of an old-fashioned faucet with two handles, one for hot water and one for cold water.

Attention and audience

Context: When done right, humor is welcome in any kind of presentation, even those with formal contexts. Last Updated: Feb 6, Want to keep your audience's attention beyond the first few minutes of your speech or presentation? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? Give them only one point, make it early and often, and they'll carry you out on their shoulders. Using a direct, targeted approach to marketing is more powerful—and more effective. To please your listeners' insatiable desire for variety, make your presentations like rivers, not canals. I include this negative example because it is a powerful reminder that what makes a speaker a dangerous demagogue is not his technique, but his moral purpose. The mind cannot absorb what the behind cannot endure. I need your help. Anxiety is characterized by uncertainty and can be magnified by our inability to foresee the future. A worrisome statistic, visual, or statement will activate the amygdala, stimulating worry or doubt in the brain and priming the audience to pay attention.

A provocative approach is based on comments about weaknesses and difficulties the audience might have. Throughout the presentation, mention attainable goals and plans of actions each individual can take.

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3 Ways to Hold Your Audience's Attention