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A paper in music education could be an example of an expository paper explaining a particular pedagogical approach to music, for example. Volunteering for my church helped me become closer to my community and my spiritual beliefs.

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A thesis should be specific and "arguable. Lending a friend money can bring satisfaction from helping someone out, yet that satisfaction can easily turn to anger if the friend does not pay back the loan.

Camping can be an amazing way to experience nature; however, a stay at a campground can feel more like living in a small city rather than a peaceful commune with nature.

It reads: For sale: baby shoes.

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Just some fodder to think about -- when I was in college, I wrote a paper for my linguistic anthropology class about the evolution of language.

Argumentative thesis statement This paper would present an argument and present enough evidence to support the claim and convince a reader. Then, there are only two subtopics to develop into two paragraphs in the body: 1 music is an approach to reduce people's mental tension 2 music inspires people's feelings in artistic sense You can use those ideas from your beginning brainstorming as supporting ideas for each subtopics.

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