An introduction to the history and the definition of marxism

He believed in the desirability, necessity, and even the inevitability of socialism before he worked out the logic of its genesis. But in fact, death is an integral part of life. The cost of this commodity is determined in the same way as the cost of every other; i. One can learn a great deal from the Greeks, Spinoza, and Hegel, who were pioneers, who prepared the way for the brilliant achievements of Marxist philosophy and can rightly be considered as an important part of our revolutionary heritage.

The object of thought has an inherent being—in German, an sich.

marxist theory summary

The utopians appealed to universal ideas of truth and justice to defend their proposed schemes, and their theory of transition was based on the idea that appealing to moral sensibilities would be the best, perhaps only, way of bringing about the new chosen society.

This text purports to explain precisely the process whereby a worker becomes estranged, or alienated, from the product of his labor; how he is exploited by the capitalist; and finally how, propertyless and unemployed, the mass of the workers, the proletariat, is forced to overthrow the whole economic system and the political order protecting it.

Of course, all our knowledge is ultimately derived from our senses, but sense perception can only tell us part of the story, and not necessarily the most important part.

The surplus obtained from a growing number of slaves was then appropriated by the new class of slave owners.

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Marxist History