An introduction to emersons philosophy of romantic idealism

An introduction to emersons philosophy of romantic idealism

Abbreviated CHU in the text. Emerson read avidly in Indian, especially Hindu, philosophy, and in Confucianism.

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Thus, self-reliance permits intuition, which allows the individual to grasp the divinity that enfolds the human and natural realms. Bliss Perry. The geologist may learn scientific facts at the level of the understanding. Emerson followed Kant in repeatedly stressing the primacy of ethics among human concerns. We lie open on one side to the deeps of spiritual nature, to the attributes of God. He also calls to see nature as a core basis for spiritual life and thus, a source of energy which inspires humanity. Field, Peter. Emerson perceived the particular man who had achieved distinction in some way as a demonstration of the possibilities of all men. It is not a gift that is available on demand, however, and a major task of life is to meld genius with its expression.

Not even Homer or Shakespeare can compensate for the loss of "an original relation to the universe" CW7. The principal way in which beautiful ideas express themselves is through works of art. The thought and the form are equal in the order of time, but in the order of genesis the thought is prior to the form.

Reliance on tradition fixes values and understanding, preventing growth. Man is at the center, and the center will hold: "There is no chance, and no anarchy, in the universe.

The divine is accessible because God communicates directly to man. Other writers whom Emerson often mentions are Anaxagoras, St. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, — Richardson, Robert D.

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One aspect of this flourishing is the human spirit's discovering in itself a yearning for beauty chapter 3. Jackson Bate. Therefore, concerning Spirit, "he that thinks most, will say least" CW

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An introduction to emersons philosophy of romantic idealism