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Daniel Andrews Other victims include two dogs who were shot or killed after being suspected of witchcraft. Salem Witch Trials: The Hysteria Spreads The three accused witches were brought before the magistrates Jonathan Corwin and John Hathorne and questioned, even as their accusers appeared in the courtroom in a grand display of spasms, contortions, screaming and writhing.

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A focus on the religion that the puritans believed in and their culture will be discussed. After the trial, Martha Goodwin lived at the home of Cotton Mather, who soon wrote about the case. Events on the timeline should each have one sentence attached to them, to assure that students read information about the events, rather than just finding them on the Chronology. Nothing like the Salem Witch Trials happens nowadays. What were some early colonial industries? May 12, the Puritan churches assembled at Boston consented to gathering the Salem Village church, a decision drawn on in when the Salem Village church was formally gathered. What kinds of things were the 'witches' accused of causing to happen? March Abigail Williams interrupted Rev. April Rev. John Alden was also sent to Boston jail. At the announcement ceremony, playwright Arthur Miller made a speech and read from the last act of his play, The Crucible, which was inspired by the Salem Witch Trials. It was just a coincidence that most of the alleged witches were female. Nor was there an east-west divide between households of different economic status. June Rev.

November 19, Rev. A few days later, Mary Warren admitted lying about the accusation, saying the other girls were also lying. Religious liberty was granted to all but Roman Catholics, which would not please those who opposed radical groups like the Quakers.

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April Another Sunday meeting at Salem Village saw interruptions, identified as caused by the specter of Sarah Cloyce.

Crewe, Sabrina and Michael V. Where did this person live?

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Define 'Providence' and explain John Dane's beliefs about Providence. Trials ensued and, when the episode concluded in May , fourteen women, five men, and two dogs had been executed for their supposed supernatural crimes. Have everyone contribute to the overall discussion about Puritan values the same question begins each list , and then have students present their information to the class. His wife died in , and he remarried. Both in the realm of the scholarly world and pop-society of American social order, the Salem Witch Trials have interested gatherings of people from directly after they happened throughout the twentieth century. The English recalled the New England governor and reappointed Bradstreet as Massachusetts governor, but without a valid charter, he had no real authority to govern. May 7: George Burroughs was returned to Salem and was jailed. November 19, Rev. February William Griggs, a physician, bought a home in Salem Village. In addition, many theories behind the horror relate to events still taking place in the world today. The Crucible edited and rewritten by Arthur Miller, is a movie which takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in

This conflict caused many to be accused, arrested, and killed. The first examination by judges began in Marchthe first actual trials were in May and the first execution was in June Economic and physiological causes aside, the Salem witchcraft trials continue to act as a parable of caution against extremism in judicial processes.

Agnes Eve was a traditional English fortune-telling time.

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History of the Salem Witch Trials