A step by step guide on how to build your own pc

A computer is to a computer gamer like a race car is to a race car driver. Core count and clock speed really only serve as direct measures of performance with processors in the same generation, however. I usually buy my computer parts from Amazon because they're reliable, their prices are fair, and they usually have very useful reviews.

For example: You must be able to read and write. One disclaimer: this is not meant to be an exhaustive guide for absolute beginners. Next up thread the cables through the PSU slot in the back of the case first, and then slide the PSU into place, securing the bracket back onto the chassis.

How to assemble a computer step by step pdf

Don't worry about pressing too hard—it takes some pressure. Thread them through one of the cable management openings into the main case cavity and plug them into the SATA data ports on the motherboard. Great for gaming and multitasking, though a few cutting-edge titles have begun to consume even this amount of RAM. Next up, take your SATA power and connect it to any storage drives. Hard drives have much higher capacities with lower prices, but they're much slower than SSDs and we often omit them in high-end builds. Triple check it is on the OFF position, or connect it to a surge protector also turned off. If you want quality, get an SSD. After all, it's a lot easier to buy a computer from a reputable computer shop than it is to build one yourself. If you're a child or a teen, you will need a parent, teacher, or other adult to help you and to supervise your work. The more RAM you have, the better the rest of your system will be at managing multiple applications and meeting the memory needs of demanding modern games. That's a good question. It will tell you which ports belong to the motherboard chipset we recommend using those versus a third-party SATA controller. Ninite is a nifty tool to get all the programs you want fast without having to worry about installing each one individually is.

All modern AMD processors are overclockable. Old typos were replaced with new typos.

how to build a computer from scratch

Image Credit: Techradar 8. Or alternatively, if your PC case has an integrated fan controller at the back of the chassis to route all your fans into, then directly onto the motherboard.

The Kraken X62 has multiple connections: two for the fans that we've routed behind the motherboard, one for the motherboard's CPU fan header so that your motherboard knows the CPU is being cooledone USB 2.

Many power supplies comes with unpainted metal screws; I like using those once installed. This is also the amount you want to start at for productivity work. Changes made in this revision include: The site was redesigned to be responsive on mobile devices.

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The "m" subdomain was removed and redirected to the responsive site. So if you get lost, click on "Getting Started. Image Credit: Techradar 6. Image Credit: Techradar 5. Install the cooler. If you're using a different cooler and need to apply paste, a small pea-sized blob in the center of the CPU works well. SSDs are more durable and smaller overall. There are a myriad of cases to choose from at a myriad of price ranges, fitting all sorts of aesthetics.
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How to build a PC: a step