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As for the "baddies" in this book - they were horrible, vile characters, particularly the character Max Devore. Anyway, all in all, a great book. The core mystery is interesting but it takes way too long to get to. The outcome of the adoption is left unresolved at the end, but the reader is given hope that it will be positive. Brosnan is very capable as the lead, while only a couple of the key auxiliary roles are sub-par. It felt like filler, for the most part. Jo would have been a great character and even her ghostly presence has a more fleshed out feeling than the rest of the people props. Bag of Bones opens with Mike Noonan trying to cope following the unexpected death of his wife Johanna to a brain aneurysm, and these opening scenes are just heartbreaking to read. I'm on a run of great King books! In two important sequences, David symbolically takes the Eucharist here represented by 3 Musketeers wrapper.

There are shallow reasons for each of them to be with the other - Mattie's age and physical beauty arouses Mike, and Mike's money could help Mattie in life-altering ways - so the fact that they connect intellectually is gratifying, as is the fact that those shallow reasons are actually discussed.

It's so much more than that. It's kinda why movies like Paranormal Activity are so effective. Signed by Author.

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There's just something about creepy happenings occurring in your house. So her death is even more tragic.

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I was constantly wondering what was coming next, how everything was linked, and I'm very happy to say that it all paid off. Mike begins having recurring, disturbing dreams and visions, and realizes he shares a psychic connection with Kyra.

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Some of it was even mildly creepy.

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